LNV assisted the city with many environmental services including a feasibility assessment of Conn Brown Harbor by performing a wide-scale Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA), including regulatory review, regulated environmental activities, historical and future cleanup requirements, as well as a Phase II ESA that included soil sampling, well installation, groundwater sampling, laboratory analysis, data analysis, and report preparation. LNV also provided TCEQ steps within the Voluntary Cleanup Program, including site investigation, soil and groundwater sampling and Affected Property Assessment Report and Screening Level Ecological Risk Assessment. In addition, LNV worked with the City to implement the best remediation methods for sites with petroleum storage tank leakage, abatement activities, Phase I and II ESAs, Corrective Action Plan, installation of a groundwater pump and treatment remediation system, a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SW3P) of the City’s wastewater treatment plant, and delineation of wetlands on City-owned property.