City of Beeville Waterline Repair and Raw Water Line Water Source

June 2019

BEEVILLE, TX – LNV provided engineering design services to the City of Beeville to repair a leak in the existing 24-inch raw water line.

LNV’s client, the City of Beeville, was pleased to hear that LNV had made a successful recommendation to repair a leaking raw water intake line at the Nueces River. The City believes the line had been leaking for more than a year before it was noticed.

Eric Villarreal, PE, LNV’s Project Manager and Vice President, stated, “One of the biggest challenges of this project was that the leak was located under water within the Nueces River”. LNV developed a plan to replace 1,000-feet of pipe by sliplining HDPE pipe inside the 24-inch existing pipe.

Another challenge was that this water line is the only source of water for the City of Beeville. Therefore, the plan also included providing a temporary bypass pump to maintain water service to the City’s water treatment plant.

In total, the city water line was down approximately five hours. LNV was successful in solving the City’s waterline and raw water intake issue and the consumers were not without water for a lengthy period of time.

LNV is hopeful that this recommendation was a successful fix to the City’s current water system infrastructure and will hopefully lead to the assistance of a more proactive system to avoid any future complications.