City of Corpus Christi
Wastewater Master Plan - South of Oso Creek (DRAFT)

This website has been developed to keep the community and all interested stakeholders involved and informed on the project’s progress. Please forward all comments and concerns to LNV using the “Comments/Public Input” link on the left side of the screen and continue to visit this website for future updates.


The purpose of this wastewater sub-basin master plan is to develop a wastewater collection system utilizing a large gravity trunk main approach.  In general, the trunk mains will run adjacent to and parallel with the proposed master drainage ditches.  The collection system design included land use and population projections on the service area which supported the calculation of average and peak wet weather flows. 



The technical memorandum covers the methodology and background information which was used during the development of recommendations for collection system improvements in the undeveloped area.  Exhibit 1 identifies the adopted future land use used as the basis for population projections and Exhibit 2 shows the recommended collection system alignments, diameters, direction of flows, and any other collection system infrastructure improvements that will need to be incorporated to serve the study area.

Study Area

The study area is located in the southern region of Corpus Christi and consists of approximately 16,861 acres.  The area is bound on the north and east by Oso Creek, extends south approximately 1,500 feet south of CR 18, meets up with CR 49A on the southwest corner, and continues in a northwesterly direction just shy of CR 53 on the northwest corner  as shown.